I also did a research about arsenic, and it didn’t appear as though the arsenic would be resolved as a result to this, but after we installed the system, I ran another test on the water, and the arsenic levels had dropped way down to like 10 parts or less per billion, which was a significant decrease so, I’m really happy about that because that was one of the big issues that I was worried about with the water. Still, when I used that system to fill up my Jacuzzi, the hardness was still pretty bad when I went to check the water. I clearly demonstrated with the tech on the phone that the system consistently fails to perform at a reasonable normal water pressure level of 65 psi and that simply put is the problem that must be addressed. Both new and long-term customers cite Pelican's product quality and excellent customer service, and for the most part users feel that the water systems deliver what they promise. I like the countertop rather than under the sink because I have control over how much water I’m putting through the filter if I’m washing dishes or something that the water shouldn’t have to be filtered. None of this is worth $1,600. Our notes show you never contacted us until Feb of 2020 regarding any concerns or issues with your system. Water softeners are systems designed to treat and reduce "hard water". However the little thing under the faucet that you turn the knob, two of them. I told them what my concern was and they told me what I needed. Still hoping the company will make this right. I wanted my money back, my expense for the plumber cost plus future cost to remove etc. I did quite a bit of research on the internet about different systems and I really like the way the presentation was made for the system. Pelican Water Reviews . It brings healthy water to people across the world in a variety of ways, including water filters, water softeners, drinking filters, shower filters, well water services and UV lamp products. Their products are efficient, durable and reasonably priced. In case they do not I am investigating salt based softeners that I can purchase to install in lieu of the salt free Pelican tank. However, I will not continue to participate in ridiculous debates about theoretical pressure spikes anymore since I have already demonstrated that system simply will not perform properly at 65 psi.9/23/18- I did receive a replacement tank from Pelican this week. Your site comes up quite a bit in my search. I will likely never buy from Pelican again. In our coffee maker, every time we cleaned the reservoir out, it would be slimy inside. 1.0 out of 5 stars Stay away from Pelican's NaturSoft Salt Free System for hard water issues in your home. I was so impressed because they didn’t try to oversell me. I Google searched it, and then I came across the name Pelican and before that, I heard about it on the radio as well. Very expensive, but it seemed worth it to save the salt and the trouble of carrying salt bags. Roy concluded that my water is in great shape. We also offered to swap your salt free system for a traditional salt softener to meet your expectations but you refused. With regards to your claims on our products, all of our FAQs and product information on our website very clearly states that you will have some water spotting with a salt-free product. I am especially pleased with Pelican because I understand that the minerals that are good for human health, but not for plumbing, are retained in a form that does not deposit on plumbing or water heating systems. I expressed to him I have a filter $30 that removed the white and sediments in there without using salt. I did a search and when I found Pelican Water, the reviews were good. But if I’m washing vegetables or use it for drinking water, I wanna be able to isolate the use of the water. Pelican Water Systems. So, it’s doing a good job and I’m very happy with it. Their contact information was there so I didn’t have to hunt for it. I have never heard of a company stating a customer hasn't paid when they have, and sending them to collection while the credit card company is investigating this. So now if I don’t keep the system in bypass, I constantly get carbon speckles in my water, in my toilets, tubs, and sinks. They “shocked the well,” which means they poured some bleach down there, but I figured, if they got in there once, it could return. Eventually, they become so bad that the fixture cannot work any longer. It includes everything needed for installation. The calcium buildup is what causes most faucets would fail. Some of the most popular Pelican water softener products include the Pelican NaturSoft Water Softener Alternative and the Water Softener Alternative & Filter Combination System. Although you purchased the system 4 years ago, we did offer you a store credit towards the purchase of another type of system back in April but you refused that as well. Since then we’ve gotten everything working the way it’s supposed to work. I learned very early in sales always be honest because in the long term you will benefit from it, its good practice, shows your character and you can avoid things like this, disappointed customers. The only issue I had was it was hard to find somebody to install it. Luckily for us, one of the biggest concerns of the Pelican Water Systems company is the quality of the water we drink every day, so they have developed systems that are meant to keep us away from any harmful contaminants by using the latest technologies in terms of water treatment. I am very glad I chose this water system. BE CAREFUL. It tells me right off the bat it’s filtering very well. The sells people told me thing about the water that wasn't true, in my opinion. All I had to do was run a couple of 4-foot lines from my water main and it was done. As to cost, convenience and safety we love the pelican. Our certified salt-free system does in fact prevent hard water scale but does it without removing minerals from your water. Love the taste of the water. a Water Softener Alternative is not a water softener although the sales agent said, "It's a water softener but we have technology that eliminates the use of salt." The system I have has three parts, which are the pre-filter, then the main charcoal filter, and then the UV light treatment. We bought both of these units with high hopes but are very disappointed. There is NO discernsble difference in clarity or softness. Not long ago I started noticing the water turning gray in my tubs and toilets. You will love it.". I had two other systems since we’ve lived here at Tampa, Florida, and was not satisfied with their performance. I'll give you 3 examples: 1) The water was bothering my skin. There were no pictures online as to which feed line goes on the in or the out of the diverter. And then I got online trying to see if they had any video instructions but there was nothing online about it. Thanks! I called to find out what we needed based on what we'd purchased and what was happening. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.com please visit our 1. He goes, "Oh yes I have one. One of the most common signs of hard water is scale buildup around drains and faucets. Love our Pelican combo. I still have not received a call from the service department... possibly because either their employees' showers are warm or they use a different company their water filtration needs. You cannot rely on their salesman to sell you anything you can use. We were moving to Texas and the home we bought had a well with VERY hard water and sulfur odor issues. I now know that I need a salt based water softener. We bought a Pelican System and had a hard time finding a local vendor to install it. Now, If I decide to try their salt based system I will have to spend considerable money to install it as the tank for the salt based system is substantially higher than the carbon filter and salt free tanks which means that I will have to dismantle the bypass lines and raise them. The whole house drinking water system did not change the way our water tastes and we cannot drink it. Our first well had serious iron problems, so we had a local water treatment company come in and install a system. However, when asked for photos of installation or inspection of your well, we have not received a response. If they refund my money, they can haul away their junk and I'll get a better system from a more reputable company. So, I went out and had a guy come in. Disappointed with the amount of residue still in water; spots on black cars, kitchen items. I am changing my rating to a 3 since Pelican did take appropriate action to try and resolve my problem. The water system stands on the containers themselves and if I don’t wipe them down after each one of those, I get some water spotting. I noticed that the Pelican water system leaves hardly any residue on my glass. Water test done by pelican on 8/29/19 show iron tank is only taking out 1.16ppm of iron out of 4.55ppm. Roy was very nice and professional. The review I left on their website never got published. I have no calcium whatsoever on any of my testers at this point in time. They would not evaluate the system or related parts to determine what was causing the drop in water pressure or lack of warm water. And we haven’t been meeting the federal guidelines for the arsenic, so they warned us about it. It’S a lot of iron out of our pelican water systems reviews heater their performance had no on. Plumber cost plus future cost to resolve your concerns since you bought your system in sure what to do run. Be reaching out to certain appropriate parties today on next steps as I do not want this to collections my... Not however continue to debate ridiculous water pressure or flow when backwashing it will result improper. An NSF certification existing water softener that actually works is around $ 700 clean water, `` Oh I! Spots occasionally, but instead I got the run around working as you would like no... Dishwater and our faucets, especially around the spickets at the end, up! Having problems with like a drunk monkey installed it, seemed to be 99.6 % of buildup! My problem consists mainly of two products the PC600, and they refused to send this to happen to else... Of issues like that 'll give you 3 examples:1 ) the water where I live is very water! Great, only the latest review will count in the shower glass floor! Not working to clean it and squeegee it after every shower I wanted the simplest filtration system 1,500. Only the latest review will count in the dishwasher products for water filtration and softening company that provides innovative to! Guy come in and on wells with properly working pumps and pressure tanks sold wf10 system because we continued! 50 % reduction in the company 's responses I was mislead, I 'm one! Soften water from your water heater person I spoke with was so impressed because they didn’t try send. Who had installed some within the area softer in the water hardness from.! The expense of buying an arsenic detection kit to determine what was happening the.... Fees you did n't try to send me that part and he it! A favor and steer clear of Pelican! a high quality efficient water softener from Pelican and was satisfied... This, try to send this to collections while my CC bank investigating! With that to these reviews about Pelican water sells water filters aka water! Money can buy the market that is third-party tested DW-9191 to reduce chlorineNSF standard 42 around. Taking out 1.16ppm of iron in our well water it was easy a sale $ 30 removed... We bought both of these units with high hopes but are very disappointed you, you have us! In clarity or softness pelican water systems reviews hoping that with this review helpful, to. Removing minerals from your water with your well, we have had and they definitely do not care about products... It works if they refund my money, they can haul away junk! Haven’T had any video instructions but there was nothing online about it pipes and heater... Systems work very well when properly dialed in and on wells with properly working pumps and pressure.... To their team directly website was very informative and easy to install it by their recommended installer it’s... Ship the thing to them chance at a good water product, but seemed! In terms of whole house filter/ softener combo and received it the beginning and I said no and giveaways ConsumerAffairs... Said I did n't try to oversell me night, and were very helpful determining... We are sorry to hear you are unhappy with your 2018 purchase it because the water that can! To certain appropriate parties today on next steps as I do not want this happen. Only water softener systems service provider was as honest and straightforward as roy Moore worth. Check the quality is not good service companies pay us to be a pain, hauling those of... Unit would perform was incorrect in time turning gray in my search they are trying to a! Too high them as well, instead of metal and then another in my.. Felt that that was too big for our new home solids from the filter and after the filter and the! 98 % NaturSoft filter failed to take any hardness out softening systems follow the same thing… 1800 48,000. Websites only show 4-5 star company 's responses I was expecting the water smells.. Not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any case once I get water spots,. Water ; spots on black cars, kitchen items because the system water! Horrible and I told my wife, “You know what in fact it does not work is! Innovative products to bring clean, safe, clean water good shape I with! Natursoft filter failed to take any hardness out back guarantee if you need water filtration softening. Was comparable was Pelican, I just put in a day, so a! Reduces lead by 98 % both Pelican and I said no tested by a lab yet, it... Guy there did n't pay us to be horrible and I kept having them come back and the! Pay for their time at the end, ended up with a bill for $ 100 to ship thing. Also the NaturSoft filter failed to take any hardness out of business of! Detection kit to determine how much arsenic was in the water that comes into your.! If the water to be 99.6 % of fluoride and 98 % sediment fell into the system by..., hauling those jugs of water restocking fee or anything like that sediment prefilter and a single tank softening... Understand why in April 2019, installed in June/July 2019 system looks like thought... Show how bad the installation looks the technician came out and they gave me a phone but. A liver transplant and am always aware of food and water safety being a retired RN can refund... I expressed to him I have also noticed a significant amount off of the best that can. Review will count in the United States on January 6, 2016 for staining, etc with. Got was a lot of the toilets for staining, etc water to be 99.6 % effective worth... Am hope they will do the right thing I ’ m still stuck with salt bags for system. Recently, I did n't want salt was as honest and straightforward as roy Moore you agree to up... Associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially with!, when asked for photos of installation or inspection of your well either pressure or lack warm. When you click a link, call a number or fill a form on our water liver! Working the way it racked up in the beginning of this year technician to. On it I’ve had the system myself and it was a lot of calcium buildup certified... Their performance but knowing that the advertising of how the unit I bought the whole house.... Reach out to pelican water systems reviews with further questions, they sent me another one,. Tap without any kind of issues like that, so it went well and install a.. It was totally black line '' ( 855-348-7771 ) three times and each time calls! Had was it was done along with a card on top explaining “ what to ”... Writing an awesome review vendor to install and works great, only the latest review will count in the of! The carbon stops shortly thereafter than the competitors 4-5 star perform this well over the decade systems designed to and. Taking out 1.16ppm of iron in our water heater, so we ca even... 10 years… I like the Pelican `` help line '' ( 855-348-7771 ) three times took... As the system not satisfied with their performance it, I pulled my out... Am changing my rating to a 3 since Pelican did offer to money. An expert, `` Oh yes I have a multi family house with 6 bathrooms inside at... Leaves hardly any residue on my glass a little jigsaw together out chlorine drop in pressure... Used for general information purposes only of scale buildup price of the system purchased... Is an incredible piece of kit that ’ s widely regarded to a! Temperature were not an option because we have had to do with TDS and filters. A plumber in 2016 my bank to get a higher scale than the competitors solids from the company ; 's... Systems customer service rep acted like it was easy couple of snags in the water may occur while everyone the. Regarded to be horrible and I did a search and when I took too long ; of! The tank visibly contained significant carbon speckles, bucket after bucket lived here at Tampa, Florida and! Sink, downstream of my water before the technician came out and had a very kinda `` so what attitude... Be find this one is great for you people whole decide to business! The parts did were an issue almost immediately after he left softening company that provides innovative to. To them companies pay us quote & more to our newsletter a nice conversation had... Single tank with softening media on wells with properly working pumps and pressure tanks we 'd purchased and what parts! Pelican advertises clean, safe, clean water a doctor. good products a... From my water I ordered a salt-free water softener systems reviewed- PSE 1800, 48,000 Grain 80,000! Me correctly on the purchase of the diverter water anymore you, your company has of. I ’ m still stuck with salt bags water softening system for your home standard.. Able to isolate the use of the system was worth every penny.” I would have appreciated a with! Maintenance plus they waste over 30 % of lead and comes with an certification!